Nuvap N1


New product

N1 is the first device specific for monitoring the main sources of indoor pollution that over time can threaten the health of the entire family.

Parameters monitored by N1:

  • hi.pngHigh frequency electromagnetic fields
  • low.pngLow frequency electromagnetic fields
  • radon.pngRadon gas
  • radiazioni.pngIonizing radiation
  • wifi.pngWiFi
  • monossido.pngCarbon monoxide (CO)
  • metano.pngMethane (CH4)
  • fumo.pngSmoke
  • aria.pngAir quality (H2, LPG, Alcohol, NH3, Ethanol, Toluene)
  • polveri.pngParticulate matter
  • acqua.pngWater quality (chlorine, hardness, alkalinity, Ph, nitrite and nitrate)
  • acustico.pngNoise pollution
  • temperatura.pngTemperature
  • umidita.pngHumidity
Height 8 cm
Width 18,3 cm
Depth 18,3 cm