Nuvap N1


New product

N1 is the first device specific for monitoring the main sources of indoor pollution that over time can threaten the health of the entire family.

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490,00 €

Parameters monitored by N1:

  • hi.pngHigh frequency electromagnetic fields
  • low.pngLow frequency electromagnetic fields
  • radon.pngRadon gas
  • radiazioni.pngIonizing radiation
  • wifi.pngWiFi
  • monossido.pngCarbon monoxide (CO)
  • metano.pngMethane (CH4)
  • fumo.pngSmoke
  • aria.pngAir quality (H2, LPG, Alcohol, NH3, Ethanol, Toluene)
  • polveri.pngParticulate matter
  • acqua.pngWater quality (chlorine, hardness, alkalinity, Ph, nitrite and nitrate)
  • acustico.pngNoise pollution
  • temperatura.pngTemperature
  • umidita.pngHumidity
Height 8 cm
Width 18,3 cm
Depth 18,3 cm