MINI 10 pink

New product

The smallest portable air purifier professional certificate Hepa 99.99%. Suitable for use in car, home and office. It is small and lightweight, ideal for small spaces, such as a small room or the car while traveling.

  • from 60 to 80 m2

Air volume prima velocità 27 m3/h, seconda velocità 54 m3/h
Energy consumption 5 watts
Housing material steel with a durable anti-dust coating
Air inlet via a filter structure in 3 stages
Cooling fan previsto per un uso prolungato, 2 livelli di ventilazione regolabile
Purified air outlet spread to 360 °
Supply 12 Vcc con alimentatore separato o presa per autoveicolo
Height 16 cm
Width 21 cm
Weight 2 kg
Noise a 1 m 28-47 Db